Friday, May 2, 2014

Crowdsourcing experts on 19th century Los Angeles priests?

I enjoyed Anne Hartman's "Identifying Medieval Manuscript Fragments through Crowdsourcing" in the new issue of Archival Outlook and thought I'd try electronic collective wisdom to identify four priests.

While doing research for producing a sesquicentenial history of Loyola High School in Los Angeles the eminent historian wondered aloud if these could be the founders of the institution...

The unidentified and unlabeled sepia prints were found in a random bundle from my predecessor's Vincentian research and repro files and they would be good illustrations of the text "...1865 Bishop Amat... to send three Vincentians – Fathers John Asmuth, Michael Rubi, and Joseph Beaky – to staff his proposed school…where they were joined by a fourth confrere, Father James McGill CM.…”

I'm in contact with the Archival Center at San Fernando Mission and All Things Vincentian at DePaul U. but so far no luck...any experts out there on 19th century Los Angeles priests?

Thanks in advance for any help!